Virtual Mental Health Services

Virtual Mental Health Services

At Great Circle, our everyday mission is to help kids & families find strength in times of need. That why we’ve expanded our virtual mental health services – to bring you the support you and your family need right now or in the future.

Our virtual services are easy to use, accessible through your phone or computer, and available for kids, adults and families. When in-office visits aren’t an option or needed services aren’t available in your community, virtual therapy enables you to make good mental health your priority by connecting you to the type of high-quality mental health service that’s right for you.

Great Circle currently offers two types of virtual therapy:

  • Online Therapy – It’s very similar to a typical in-office therapy session, but you can do it from the comfort of your home and at a time that’s most convenient for you.
  • Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (V-IOP) – It’s a therapeutic program for high school-aged adolescents. Think of it as a “bridge” to help teens with behavioral health concerns avoid a more intensive level of care (such as hospitalization or residential treatment) or who need a little help as they are moving out of hospitalization or residential treatment.


Online Therapy

Online therapy uses your phone or computer, and a video app such as Facetime or Zoom, to connect you with one of Great Circle’s highly trained therapists.

You can also expect to have a shorter wait between the time you call for service and your appointment. That’s because you won’t have to juggle schedules or plan for travel time to/from the appointment. You schedule a time that works for both you and the clinician.

Online therapy isn’t a new idea, but thanks to increased technology, it’s now available to almost everyone. And there’s lots of data that proves it is very effective.

  • Consumers want it. Studies over two decades consistently report high satisfaction rates (90% and above) for all ages. When you’re in a familiar place, perhaps within reach of a pet or other comfort item, it’s easier to open up and have sometimes difficult conversations with your therapist.
  • Kids prefer it. Children today have grown up with technology, so they are comfortable communicating through a screen.
  • Clinicians “see” better. They can observe parent/child or sibling interactions better, and provide coping techniques tailored to each family’s dynamics.

Online therapy also is more cost-effective – for you, your therapist and the insurance company. Reduced travel time and gas usage, fewer cancelled appointments, and better management of chronic issues all adds up to lower healthcare costs which affect insurance premiums.

Virtual therapy also helps alleviate the stigma our culture often places on mental health issues. Stigma is one of the greatest barriers to seeking mental health support. This is especially true for adolescents, who often do not want their peers to know they are receiving therapy services. By connecting virtually, you have more privacy.


Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (V-IOP)

Insurance providers and the medical and behavioral health communities often use the acronym IOP to describe a highly focused, short-term, in-person therapeutic program to address behavioral health issues. IOP is a bridge for stepping up to more intensive therapeutic services to help prevent a more restrictive level of care (such as hospitalization or residential treatment) or for stepping down from a more restrictive level of care (such as hospitalization or residential treatment).

Great Circle’s Virtual IOP (V-IOP) incorporates the same elements of a traditional IOP into an online therapy program that delivers high-quality treatment while also being more accessible to adolescents no matter where they live. V-IOP is delivered over a HIPAA-compliant virtual platform with a cognitive behavioral therapy focus. It includes weekly individual, family and group therapy sessions, skill-building activities, psychiatric evaluation and medication evaluation as necessary.

Your teen’s V-IOP program is tailored to their individual needs and uses a strength-based approach to help your child gain the skills they need for success in a lower level of care. An example would be living at home yet continuing to receive individual or family counseling as needed. V-IOP can help youth who have experienced trauma, or have a history of poor coping skills or dangerous or impulsive behaviors. V-IOP encourages the whole family’s participation because we understand it’s important to strengthen both your child and your family unit to create a successful future.

V-IOP, just like the traditional IOP program, is covered by most insurance companies. Great Circle will work with you and your insurer to answer all your questions and guide you through the coverage process.


We’re Ready to Help

Great Circle is ready to help strengthen your family. To find out more about our virtual mental health services, call us at 1-844-424-GCHELPS (424-3577), Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm.