Parent Aide and Assistance Services


Our Parent Aide and Family Assistance services help parents meet school and medical appointments, increase awareness of child development, and build empathy toward children to foster nurturing behavior. In ongoing work with the family, parent aides “model” the skills necessary to help parents effectively raise their children, in a happy, healthy atmosphere.


Program Details

We can’t teach what we haven’t been taught ourselves. But having frequent contact with healthy role models and seeing clear examples of effective parenting can be a first step toward breaking generational cycles of abuse and neglect.


Parent Aide Services

  • In ongoing work with families, parent aides help families to understand and use discipline techniques such as:
  • Distraction
  • Redirection
  • Removal of privileges
  • Implementation of consistent rewards and consequences
  • Counting to three
  • Use of love and logic
  • Docking system
  • Other techniques as defined by the family’s needs and the children’s ages and developmental levels

Program services also include:

  • Assisting families in building their support systems
  • Shopping for and preparing nutritious meals
  • Managing a budget


Family Assistance Services

In ongoing work with families, these services may take a multitude of forms, and may involve:

  • assisting a child or family with normal daily living activities
  • accessing community resources
  • shadowing a child to ensure safety
  • one-on-one supervision of a child in a school setting if approved by a case manager

Some of our family assistants have specialized training in working with children and parents of children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders.



Kayla's dad

"Through these parenting groups, I've gained the knowledge and skills to be a nurturing father to my daughter. The program has truly been a blessing and still helps me today."


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