Learn, Grow, Thrive

Giving children and families a great start!


Any family can experience rough patches, especially during formative years when family life is new. When circumstances throw parents off course, it’s important to have the right guidance to get back on track.

Great Circle’s Learn, Grow, Thrive program believes that creating healthy, nurturing relationships at the start of life is a cornerstone of healthy development. And there’s no greater relationship than that of a parent and child.

We strengthen this relationship by combining meaningful family interactions and hands-on parent education into one comprehensive program. By giving parents the tools to establish their own skills, strengths and healthy practices early on, family life and functioning are improved for years to come.


How The Program Benefits Children & Families

Learn, Grow, Thrive provides meaningful parental contact and support to very young children separated from their parents due to allegations of abuse and neglect and who are in the care and custody of Missouri’s Children’s Division.

Parents participate in the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program and complete 10 core sessions by discharge. This interactive parent education increases knowledge and capacity, addresses harmful parenting attitudes, and focuses on reuniting children and families. The program also includes:

  • Contact between child and parent up to twice each week, offering up to 5 hours of visitation weekly
  • Weekly Nurturing Parenting groups
  • Weekly in-home visitation sessions that focus on hands-on implementation of skills learned in parent education
  • Additional in-home services to connect family members to community support services that can strengthen the family’s dynamics and relationships


Thanks to a two-year grant from the Jackson County Community Children’s Services Fund, Learn, Grow, Thrive is provided at no cost to all participants.


For more information about the Learn, Grow, Thrive program, click on the links provided or contact Great Circle at 1-844-424-3577.