Healthy Families Program – St. Louis Area & Greene County


Healthy Families is a program aimed at providing young parents living in the City of St. Louis/St. Louis County or Greene County with parent education, linkage to community resources, prenatal care, and ongoing support through the child’s third birthday.


Program Details

Though most parents wish to provide their children with the best environment for their development, households already facing difficult circumstances are also found to be at a higher risk of child abuse or neglect.

Healthy Families is a voluntary program offered to any teen in St. Louis City or St. Louis County, with a specific focus on serving individuals living at or below the 185% poverty rate and those who qualify for federal social service benefits.

The program’s counterpart, Better Beginnings, which is located in Greene County, also seeks to serve at-risk mothers. Outcomes focus on pre-natal and infant health, developmental targets, and family stability.
The program’s services include:

Parenting Assessments:

  • Parent survey
  • Direct observation of parent-child interactions
  • Adult Adolescent Parent Inventory
  • Discussion regarding attachment and bonding with their child

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Depression Assessment:

  • Parent educator completing Edinburgh Depression Screening to measure postpartum depression
  • Referral for further services for parent if needed


Affiliated with Healthy Families America, pending re-accreditation in 2021

Sponsors of this Program

Missouri Department of Social Services