Supervised Visitation


Supervised Visitation provides a one-on-one, therapeutic approach to parents within Boone County who need a structured method of visiting their children. All families are referred to the Boone County Juvenile Office by an attorney as legal action is pending.


Program Details

All referrals are received from the Boone County Juvenile Office from attorneys working with parents who are in the process of negotiating custody. Many of the families served have one parent who has been absent in the life of their child and/or has had an adversarial relationship with the other parent or child. This program provides a safe haven for those parents to re-integrate into the child’s life. Parents agree to participate and are informed of this service via their personal attorney. Services are free and last for 12 weeks.



Caydee's mom

"It helps me take a look at life from another viewpoint besides my natural inclinations. I've learned to slow down and consider alternatives which could lead to more positive life choices."


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