Fostering Futures


Fostering Futures is a home and community-based therapeutic program designed to stabilize children at risk for placement disruption. While working with a therapist, behavioral support specialist and/or parent educator, children and their caregivers are able to work through behavioral disruptions that could otherwise lead to the child being removed from their academic or home placement.


Program Details

Every household faces unique family dynamics and challenges between children and parents. But in a foster home environment, these everyday stresses may be in addition to existing trauma or behavioral difficulties.

Fostering Futures connects all the major environments involved in a child’s life to ensure a positive, supportive approach is maintained in each area. The program provides several services to children, which include:

  • Free, convenient, yearlong in-home therapeutic interventions for children and families
  • 24/7 crisis intervention
  • Parent education groups
  • In-home parent skill training
  • Experiential learning groups for children: yoga, art therapy, therapeutic gardening, outdoor adventure trips, etc.
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Case management
  • Behavioral support for children at school

The program seeks to offer a wide range of services to several specific underserved groups within our area.

  • Children, ages 3–18 years old, whose behaviors or mental health concerns put them at risk of being removed from their current placement or educational setting in St. Louis, Missouri or St. Louis County.
  • Foster parents, adoptive parents and caregivers of St. Louis City who are interested in parent education and support to stabilize a child at risk for placement change.
  • Children and families within St. Louis City and County who need assistance to successfully complete the process of adoption or family reunification.


Candace and Ty's dad

"What I like best about the Great Circle staff is that they really make an effort to see where you are coming from, and they work to help you through your problems."


The Joint Commission

Sponsors of this Program

Saint Louis County Children’s Service Fund
Saint Louis City Mental Health Board