Residential Treatment Services: Autism


Great Circle’s residential treatment program for autism was designed to provide children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder an all-encompassing treatment approach in a home-like setting. The program offers a wealth of resources including behavior therapy, sensory integration, occupational and family therapy, as well as 24/7 intensive care from highly qualified staff.

Children also receive end-to-end educational services and specialized life skills training.


Program Details

Discovering one’s internal strengths is the first step to achieving lifelong success. That’s why Great Circle is committed to guiding children with autism and their families with individualized services based on the client’s specific needs, including the following:

  • Evidence-based instructional and analytical practices:
    • Discrete trial training
    • Differential reinforcement
    • Pivotal response training
    • Social stories/social narrative
    • Positive reinforcement
    • Functional behavioral analysis/assessment
    • Visual supports
    • Computer-based interventions
  • Social skills instruction
  • Life skills focus
  • Behavioral and clinical therapy
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Sensory integration/individual sensory diets
  • Family therapy
  • Parent education
  • Community-based outings
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Music and art therapy
  • iPad available for academics and communication
  • Functional communication training/Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Nursing, psychiatric, medical, psychosocial and education evaluations and consultation


For more information on our autism health services, contact Great Circle at 1-844-424-3577.


Meet Mike.

Mike had been desperately trying to find help for his son Lucas, who had health problems and had been diagnosed with autism at age 3. As his son grew older, he became harder for his parents to control. His behavior got so severe, his mom left. Alone with two toddler sons, Mike was having a hard time keeping a job and taking care of his boys. He learned about Great Circle and enrolled Lucas, and things began to change. Lucas learned to use picture communication, was potty trained, and within a year and a half began to speak words. “You saved my son’s life,” said Mike, “and mine!”


The Joint Commission
Missouri Department of Social Services
Illinois State Board of Education

Sponsors of this Program

United Way of Greater St. Louis