About Our Services

In a new and changing healthcare environment, Great Circle offers a unique spectrum of premier behavioral health services for children, individuals and families.

We touched the lives of almost 40,000 individuals, children and families from across Missouri, the Midwest and beyond. As a fully accredited agency managed by caring, highly skilled professionals, we continue to expand our scope and broad spectrum of behavioral health services each year.

  • Fully accredited
  • Evidence-based practices
  • More than 225 licensed professionals statewide
  • Most major insurance plans and Medicaid accepted
  • Multi-disciplinary and integrated care approach
  • Programs that consider the whole family, while
    treating the child in crisis
  • Flexibility for accommodating special needs


Overview of Great Circle Services

At Great Circle, we offer a wide range of services and support for families and individuals in times of struggle.

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24-Hour Specialized Care

Sometimes each passing moment can be a struggle for children with severe emotional and behavioral challenges, including those struggling with self-injury. That’s why we offer compassionate, supervised care around the clock from our highly trained professionals.



Autism Services

Life can be challenging, yet so rewarding, with a child living and learning on the Autism Spectrum. That’s why Great Circle’s Autism Center for Excellence offers children with autism and their families nationally accredited learning support, respite care and around-the-clock supervision when needed.



Counseling Services

Asking for help takes courage. And at Great Circle, we believe every child and every family deserve access to an individualized counseling experience.



Crisis Services

In times of crisis, Great Circle offers support services and emergency shelter for those facing circumstances beyond their control.

This includes two emergency children’s shelters, a crisis center for women and children fleeing domestic/sexual violence or who are homeless, services to help homeless youth create a stable future, and a Child Advocacy Center that helps child victims of sexual assault and abuse.


Intensive Therapies

We offer specialized outpatient care programs addressing a number of emotional and educational needs.




A Place Where No One Feels Different

At Great Circle, we’re here for the child who feels out of place or struggles in other educational settings because of factors beyond his/her control and who needs a better place to learn.

Your child receives individualized education combined with therapy from a highly trained staff in small class settings. Our schools are approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Illinois Board of Education, and nationally accredited by the prestigious AdvancED and Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS).

At Great Circle, we can help cultivate your child’s excitement to learn and reignite the zeal for life.

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Home and Community Based Services

Our in-home services help meet families’ need for support on their own turf. We work with each family member to meet their individual needs and preserve family unity whenever safely possible, all while strengthening the communities in which they live.


Care management

In-Home Family Support

Transitional Youth Services


Parenting Support

Parents want to provide their kids with a happy, healthy childhood and set them up on a path to success. That’s why Great Circle offers a number of resources and educational opportunities to help equip parents with the tools they need to succeed.


Parent Education

Training and Workshops


Super Curricular Programs

Sometimes unique challenges require unique experiences to overcome them. That’s why we offer several supplementary programs to help better serve those in circumstances beyond their control.