Learning Doesn’t Stop During Summer at Great Circle Academy

Summer school included both creative and unique learning opportunities for students attending two Great Circle Academy programs in June. Great Circle Academy (GCA) is a private school program operated by Great Circle for students who struggle in a traditional classroom. During the regular school year, GCA serves nearly 500 students across Missouri through schools located in Independence, Lebanon, Marshall, St. James and St. Louis.

Here’s a peek at how GCA students in Lebanon and St. Louis expanded their knowledge and tapped into their creative side!

Lebanon, MO

​​The students at Great Circle Academy-Lebanon are keeping busy this summer - learning a lot and helping out the environment!

In early June, several students and staff were on clean-up duty along Kansas Street in Lebanon. The students helped clean up trash along the road next to their Adopt-A-Highway sign. They were proud of all the bags of litter they removed!

Director of education Dr. Pam Dawson reports the students worked hard and had a great time. "They also liked the rubber gloves and wanted to keep them ... ewwww," she said. "So they all got a NEW pair for fun to take home!"

And just a few days later, the students visited the Missouri State Water Patrol at Lake of the Ozarks. The lessons there focused on water safety, boating safety and proper life vest usage. After a tour of the water patrol boat at the marina, each student received a life vest to keep, t-shirt and stickers. Thanks to Missouri State Trooper Finkemeier for being a great tour guide. The field trip also included a trip to the park and lunch with Highway Patrol staff. Dr. Dawson reports the students asked great questions. 

St. Louis, MO

Using items found in nature, students created beautiful mandalas and other sculptures to celebrate our connection to the Earth.

The students in Great Circle Academy-St. Louis' extended summer program channeled their inner artist recently to create beautiful "nature mandalas." Art instructor Jennifer Cella and art therapist Susie McGaughey joined forces to provide a special "Earth Week" opportunity in which the kids explored using the four elements we need to survive and expressed their knowledge by creating very special artwork.

Below is a peek of some of the beautiful creations from our St. Louis artists!