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Tips for Being a Good Dad

Tips for Being a Good Dad

By: Gary Johnson, M.Ed., director of Great Circle’s Parenting Life Skills Center

  • Become involved prenatally.  While it may seem you do not have a lot to do before the birth of your child, you can get a jump start on bonding with your child before birth.
  • If you still hold onto outdated gender based parenting rolls, give it up.  Shared responsibility makes everything easier.  So get to changing those diapers.
  • Men can nurture.  We just do it differently. 
  • The good news and the bad news is that you are a role model for your children.  So when you are with your child, always be aware of what you say and do.
  • Keep learning.  There are wonderful resources available to support dads. Visit your public library for books and videos.  The “I am Your Child” video series from is a great resource.
  • Be there, be there, be there.

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