Our People

Meet the great people in our circle

Our People

Our treatment programs succeed because of the courageous commitment and expertise of more than 1,400 staff members who dedicate themselves to making success possible, embracing the same inspiring virtues they find in the people they serve.



Our staff is devoted to developing world-class, innovative programs to meet the current and future behavioral health needs of children and families, regularly championing change and growth in the communities we serve.

Our team includes more than 225 licensed professionals across the state. Our staff experts are leaders in their fields with program-specific and industry certifications. Few statewide behavioral health organizations have as many clinical staff with international certification as licensed behavioral analysts. And ours use research and evidence-based interventions to develop treatment plans and provide training for other staff.


Multi-disciplinary teams

Our multi-disciplinary teams provide integrated treatment programs across a continuum of services to provide the effective solutions individuals and families need to create bright futures.


Our Trauma-Informed Journey

In 2014, Great Circle was selected by the National Council for Behavioral Health as one of 27 behavioral health organizations across the U.S. and the only Missouri organization to participate in the National Council’s 2014 Trauma-Informed Behavioral Healthcare Learning Community.

As part of the community, Great Circle is incorporating screening for trauma and implementing research-based approaches in treatment programs.

Great Circle has launched a training program for its entire workforce to obtain site-certification by the nationally recognized Child Trauma Academy. The goal is to implement evidence-based interventions in treating individuals who have experienced trauma. Implementing these approaches will improve outcomes for survivors of trauma.

Learn more about our trauma-informed journey.


Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Interventions

Great Circle is committed to continuous quality improvement, engaging evidence-based practices. Performance goals are tracked monthly, a client satisfaction survey is conducted every six months, and all program outcomes are publicly reported annually.

  • Julie

    Great Circle staff member

    “I enjoy helping families and children. I enjoy the little smiles we may put on a child’s face when they may have not had one for a long time. Showing families that anything is possible. Helping parents make better decision to better the lives of their children.”

  • Scott

    Great Circle staff member

    “My favorite part of my job is meeting our kids on their first day. They often come to us as uncertain, scared and hurt, but looking for hope. I enjoy meeting with them on their last day and seeing the pride, confidence, and growth they have made during their stay with us.”

  • Lillie

    Great Circle staff member

    “Every day I get to wake up and know that I make a difference in the lives of children.”

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    Great Circle staff member

    "An organization is only as great as its people, and here at Great Circle what makes us great is our people: their dedication, tenure, and unconditional support for children on a daily basis."

  • Christine

    Great Circle staff member

    "What I love about working here is that I finally feel like I belong somewhere. I have found my purpose in life. I've struggled for a long time to find out what I'm good at, and I feel like I found it. Working with today’s youth inspires me to come back each day, and hopefully one day I will have changed a person’s life in a small way."

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