About Great Circle

Compassionate care for the path ahead.

About Great Circle

People often ask us how we came to be named Great Circle. Our story began with a simple, yet powerful vision. 

Our name symbolizes something far greater than combining the strengths of two organizations back in in 2009. We looked to become something much different and far greater, a sum greater than its parts. We wanted to open new doors and fresh pathways as we help children, individuals and families tackle some of life’s toughest challenges.

No longer a traditional child welfare agency, Great Circle has transformed from its founding roots, to become one of the most comprehensive providers of behavioral health services in Missouri, the Midwest and beyond.  

Great Circle has grown exponentially, doubling our outreach and almost tripling our service locations through an ever-growing portfolio of services and geographic footprint. With campuses, counseling centers and home and community-based services statewide, we are on track to touch the lives of 40,000 individuals, children and families in 2019.

Back to our name. A ‘great circle’ is defined as the largest circle that can be drawn around a sphere. Our Great Circle represents the children, individuals, and families we serve, as well as our partners, our supporters and people like you. Great Circle’s vision is that we all stand together to help guide those in times of struggle – not as a last resort, but as a first step.

How do we make this happen? Through a unique spectrum of specialized care and education from highly trained professionals, now more than 1,400 strong, who are guided by Great Circle’s core values.

As a community partner, Great Circle's broadest aim is to de-stigmatize behavioral health as a best-in-class behavioral health services option for all children, individuals and families. We champion change and growth for those who seek our services. And as we help each succeed, we play an integral role in strengthening the fabric of every community we serve.

We welcome the opportunity to serve as a key resource for you.

Building A Brighter Future On Strong Foundations.

In 2009, Edgewood Children’s Center and Boys & Girls Town of Missouri combined to create Great Circle. Building on the strengths of strong legacies, Great Circle is now one of the largest behavioral health providers in Missouri and beyond. We reach more than 40,000 children, individuals and family members each year.

A sum greater than its parts.

From licensed psychologists and educators to our highly trained campus staff, we’re proud of the people and partners behind Great Circle. Whose hard work, dedication and never-give-up spirit help make a difference every day in the lives of those we serve.

Trusted partners on the path ahead.

With state and national accreditation across a range of treatment and educational options, as well as a multidisciplinary board of directors made up of respected professionals and volunteers, our leadership team has the vision and expertise needed to help plan and prepare for the path ahead.

Holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence

Great Circle has raised the bar in its industry by setting high standards in delivery of care, by holding itself accountable to rigorous, independent, third-party review of its programs, and by routinely measuring and reporting its performance.

  • Julie

    Great Circle staff member

    “I enjoy helping families and children. I enjoy the little smiles we may put on a child’s face when they may have not had one for a long time. Showing families that anything is possible. Helping parents make better decision to better the lives of their children.”

  • Scott

    Great Circle staff member

    “My favorite part of my job is meeting our kids on their first day. They often come to us as uncertain, scared and hurt, but looking for hope. I enjoy meeting with them on their last day and seeing the pride, confidence, and growth they have made during their stay with us.”

  • Lillie

    Great Circle staff member

    “Every day I get to wake up and know that I make a difference in the lives of children.”

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    Great Circle staff member

    "An organization is only as great as its people, and here at Great Circle what makes us great is our people: their dedication, tenure, and unconditional support for children on a daily basis."

  • Christine

    Great Circle staff member

    "What I love about working here is that I finally feel like I belong somewhere. I have found my purpose in life. I've struggled for a long time to find out what I'm good at, and I feel like I found it. Working with today’s youth inspires me to come back each day, and hopefully one day I will have changed a person’s life in a small way."

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