Family Strength

It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Family Strength

At Great Circle, we believe that when children and families are stronger, communities are stronger. We believe that with the right tools and support, families can not only be healthy and loving, but they can thrive and help the people around them thrive as well. So that is our goal: to provide quality behavioral health care that helps families navigate the tougher paths in life and become happier and stronger. Together.

Addressing Your
Child’s Depression

There is no single cause of child depression. And it can look different and various stages and in different individuals. So how do you spot depression in children and adolescents? What can you do to help them get the care and support they need?


The Tough Conversation?
Advice To Help You Have It

Sometimes the simplest matters can feel like the toughest when you’re a parent. Talking to your kids about potentially difficult subjects doesn't always come naturally, but it is vital that important parental advice about personal safety and self-protection doesn’t go unspoken.

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Turning the Tide on Bullying

It’s always painful when parents learn their child is being bullied. Harm inflicted by a bully’s abuse can lead to bruised feelings on the surface, but can also produce effects that run far deeper.

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Creating School Success for Your Child

When children struggle in school or have stress about school, it’s important to find solutions that can help motivate them or help them manage classroom expectations. The key is in developing a plan that can supports your student both academically and emotionally and at home and in school.

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Keeping Anxiety and Worry at Bay

Dealing with anxiety and worry is difficult enough for most adults. But for a child, especially those who may see the world as a threatening place, many different situations can trigger anxieties, sometimes so severe that they can get in the way of learning and social interactions. Trying to help a child deal with these issues can seem daunting for many parents.

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Sleep Well, My Child

Proper sleep is essential for a child’s physical and mental health. Without it, sleep-related issues can trigger unexpected emotions or uncontrolled negative behaviors in a child. A lack of sleep is often the result of factors they can’t control that can undermine their ability to get the all-important restful sleep.

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Grief: A Difficult Family Conversation

Grief is a difficult subject for many no matter our age. It’s a trauma that can rock the foundations of our family and shut down normal communication. So how do you work through grief as a family? How do you help a child work through the loss of a family member when you’re struggling with your own grief?

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May the Fourth Be With Your Mental Health

While May is Mental Health Awareness Month, there are more than a few of us who also like to celebrate May 4th for its official designation as Star Wars Day. After all, aren’t most of us looking for a way to randomly drop “may the force be with you” into our conversations? 

 Mark Leavell, Star Wars aficionado and Great Circle’s western region director of home and community-based services suggests each of us use May 4 to check in on our own force – for our well-being as well as for those we care for.

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Set Your Home Up For Success

Family life can be challenging to manage. Each family member has individualized needs and goals — as well as their own schedule of activities. And when parents must juggle competing schedules and priorities, everyone in the family can easily end up feeling overwhelmed. 

Beatrice Stewart, Great Circle’s director of community-based services for central Missouri, offers five tips for implementing a winning game plan at home.

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