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Campaign For The Path Ahead

We invite you to learn more about our transformative vision for Missouri’s children and families – coming to life through our Campaign For The Path Ahead!

Great Circle stands as one of Missouri’s premier nonprofit providers of behavioral health services, but we are called to do more. We have a bold vision to meet the needs of our children, families and community for the future.

Our vision is to provide every individual and family in our region access to both urgently needed and preventive behavioral health care, and also responsive care as the needs arise. One part of that vision is transforming our 22-acre St. Louis campus into a Regional Family Engagement Center. It is the next step of the campus’ 187-year legacy of service, and provides Great Circle with the flexibility and resources needed to meet the needs for future generations.

We are a place to which all families can turn when they face difficult times or struggle with circumstances beyond their control. When effective treatment isn’t available to those who need it, everyone loses. Through the Campaign For The Path Ahead, we can expand our ability to engage with more families, both on campus and in the community.

Many corporations, foundations and other donors already have pledged their support to our $21.5 million Campaign For The Path Ahead. Now, we look to individuals like you to complete the campaign, and become part of our transformative vision for the future. Your gift will ensure that when help is needed, Great Circle is there, ready to serve as a hope-filled resource wrapped in courage and strength.

Artist’s rendering of Education Complex

Artist’s rendering of Community Impact Center

New video: Construction on the Community Impact Center is underway!

‘Topping Out’ Ceremony Celebrates Great Circle’s St. Louis Expansion

Campaign For The Path Ahead

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Campaign For The Path Ahead

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Campaign For The Path Ahead

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Ways to Support the Campaign For The Path Ahead

Gifts of cash can be used to meet our goal and you can specify a building and its program needs to support

Automatic gifts debited from your checking or savings account can save time, help you budget, and provide sustaining support for kids

Gifts of appreciated stock offer tax advantages and may cost less than cash gifts

Memorial and tribute gifts honor friends and loved ones while creating opportunities for children and families

Create a lasting legacy through a gift from your will or other estate plans

“My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 3. He couldn’t speak. He climbed on top of furniture. He became harder and harder to control. When I learned about Great Circle’s day school for kids with autism, I was almost without hope. Lucas was enrolled and things began to change. He started using picture communication and is toilet trained. He has even started to speak words. You saved my son’s life—and mine."
- Michael, Lucas’ dad

“Great Circle is truly a blessing for our family. Having a school for our son with teachers who understand his needs, are trained to respond to them, and most importantly, are willing to accept him and continue to work with him every day, is something for which our family is tremendously grateful.”
- Mike and Elizabeth

“I am very glad you did not give up on me, from that very first month on until we built a friendship and bond. Thank you so much for all of the time you took to spend time and talk with me.“
- Danielle