School Based Support Services: Student Support Services


In partnership with the Ferguson-Florissant School District, this program provides a unique opportunity to provide school-based mental health services that focus on specific populations of children and youth who are underserved in general.


Program Details

Student Support Services provides school-based mental health services to children and youth who are referred to the program through administrators, teachers, social workers and counselors as in need of mental health services at school.

  • Therapeutic groups: Students in identified classrooms of need will receive therapeutic group four days a week during the school year, which includes a structured lesson from the Positive Action Program.
  • Individual therapy: Students in identified classrooms will receive one hour of individual therapy each week, including individual support in the transition back to a less restrictive school setting.
  • Crisis therapy: Students in identified classrooms will receive therapy services to deal with crises that they have during the school day.
  • Family therapy: Students and their families will be provided with family therapy services as needed.
  • Case Management: These services will include assessments of students. This will also include team meetings with educational staff. These activities may also include other services that would benefit the student and their family.


The Joint Commission

Sponsors of this Program

St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund