Empowering Youth: Homeless Teen Program


Empowering Youth provides shelter and critical aftercare services to help meet basic needs for homeless youth ages 10 to 18 and prepares them for success on the path ahead.


Program Details

Having our basic needs met opens us up to entirely new worlds of possibility.

Empowering Youth is a program providing resources to homeless youth and teens in Springfield, Missouri, including emergency shelter, equipping them with job training, life skills, and connecting them with other community resources. Shelter is provided through the Ozarks Family Resource Center.

The program provides 21 days of shelter, referral to pertinent resources, individual, family and group counselling to qualified youth. All efforts focus on ensuring the homeless youth finds a safe and stable living situation after their care.


24/7 Emergency Helpline

Are you a teen in need of emergency shelter? We can help! Call our emergency helpline anytime to discuss how we can help at (417) 861-4244. All calls are 100% confidential.



teen mom

“I left a bad home situation because it wasn’t safe for me and my baby, but then I was a homeless, unemployed, teen mom. I didn’t have anywhere to go and I was terrified my baby would be taken from me. The Empowering Youth program took us both in and I was able to keep my baby with me while the kind staff helped me figure out our next step. They helped me find a longer term transitional living program so I can get back on my feet and provide a better life for my baby.”


The Joint Commission

Sponsors of this Program

Department of Health and Human Services – Administration on Children, Youth, and Families