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A New Front Door: Community Counseling Services

Great Circle’s community counseling centers can help you navigate life’s challenges.

As a behavioral health agency on track to serve more than 27,000 children, individuals and families this year, few agencies are more qualified than Great Circle to understand the complex issues that each of us faces as we journey through life. No one is immune to life’s transitions and challenges.

When those times inevitably arise, Great Circle stands as a source of support by providing easy access and a deep array of counseling services. With this year’s addition of locations in Lebanon and St. Joseph, Great Circle now operates eight counseling centers across Missouri. The others are in Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield, St. James, St. Louis and Waynesville. Therapy is available for individuals, couples, groups and families. Fees are covered by most insurances and are based on a sliding scale.

A highly unique aspect of Great Circle’s community counseling program is that therapists provide services in home for clients as well as on site at one of its facilities.

“Providing services away from a traditional office setting is incredibly important, especially in areas with a less dense population,” says Carrie Bolm, vice president of home and community-based services. “Often, an area may not have behavioral health services close by. Or, individuals or families may be more reluctant to seek them out because of privacy concerns. We want our clients to choose the environment that is most comfortable for them. ”

This flexibility of service also speaks to Great Circle’s commitment to ensure all Missourians can get help when they need it. “Based on our experience in providing services for decades to hundreds of thousands of children and families, Great Circle seeks to open as many new front doors to proactive behavioral health services as we can,” says Vince Hillyer, Great Circle’s president/CEO. “We know having access to such care helps the individual and creates stronger, healthier communities.”

Community counseling center staff can help with a variety of challenges, including anger management, codependency, eating disorders, parent enrichment, self-harming, grief and loss, separation or divorce, substance use issues, and trauma and abuse issues.

“We look forward to delivering on our promise that Great Circle stands as a first step, not a last resort,” says Hillyer. “Through our community counseling centers, we can guide many more people through their journey toward hope and healing.”