Campaign For The Path Ahead

Campaign Leadership

Honorary Chairs

Jon and Nikki Jay
Matt and Mackenzie Carpenter

Campaign Chairs

Michael and Barbara Hurst
Ted and Kathryn Armstrong

Campaign Committee

Rachel Andreasson
Jack Baumstark
Andres Bonifacio
Clark S. Davis
Rodney George and Lisa Wood-George
Jack Gillis
Nelson C. Grumney, Jr.
Dan Hebrank
Stephen B. Hoven
John and Mary Ann Hunzeker
Paul and Amy Inman
Rick James

Dee Joyner
Michael S. Kearney
John and Cindy Munich
Lisa Prinster-Messey
Alan C. Richter
Barbara Richter
Anne Stupp
Amy Sundet
Michael Sundet
Richard Ward
Heather Wood

Honorary Committee

John and Crystal Beuerlein
Allen and Marie Craig
Derick and Sally Driemeyer
Hon. Gary Gaertner, Jr.
Ronald and Anne Henges
Douglas L. Hundley and Shawn R. Estes
Stephen C. Jones

Ned and Sally Lemkemeier
Lisa McLaughlin
Sue and Kip Rapp
Susan S. Stepleton
Howard and Marilyn Wood
Joyce F. Wood

Honorary Consulting Member

Dr. John N. Constantino

Great Circle President & CEO

Vincent D. Hillyer, ACSW, LCSW, BCD